Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuum Maintenance: How to Clean Your Brushroll or Change Your Belt

It is primarily significant to understand that vacuum cleaners need maintenance checks at the regular intervals to maximize its output and working capability. In fact, the golden rule of maintaining your machinery is followed in case of your vacuum cleaner just like in case of any other machinery to keep it working and perfectly great condition as this would enhance its life and capacity to perform in a perfect manner. Therefore, the process of cleaning brushroll and changing the belt of a vacuum cleaner occupies the pivotal role in the maintenance of a vacuum cleaner, which unquestionably enhance its working ability and lowers the maintenance cost in the long run.

Vacuum Maintenance

Vacuum Maintenance: How to Clean Your Brushroll or Change Your Belt

If you truly desire to enjoy the benefit of the services of your vacuum cleaner for a long period of time along with preserving its working ability, then you must consider the relevance of having the Vacuum Maintenance: How to Clean Your Brushroll or Change Your Belt. So, let’s take a look at the process of cleaning the brushroll or changing the belt of your vacuum cleaner to maximize its working capacity.

  1. Precautions Necessary to be Taken while Initiating Maintenance

It is relevant to understand that before initiating any process of maintenance or cleaning, there is need to put off the vacuum cleaner. This implies that you need to disconnect the main plug of vacuum cleaner from the electric socket to avoid any sort of injury. Then the next step is to check the vacuum bag and if it’s 2/3 full, then immediately replace it with the new one otherwise, it can abrupt the adequate working on a vacuum cleaner. These simple steps ensure that you are safe to handle the vacuum cleaner and the machine itself is in secure mode to initiate the process of cleaning and regular vacuum maintenance.

The Process of Cleaning the brushroll of a Vacuum Cleaner

The brushroll also termed as a beater bar is located underneath the vacuum cleaner and is usually full of dirt, hair and all sorts of dust. It is required to clean this brushroll as this part of vacuum cleaner plays a crucial role in doing all sorts of dusting of your home. So, to remove the brushroll, there is a need of removing the screws and end caps and properly check the bearings inside it to remove any sort of dirt and dust build up in it. There is also need of oiling of the bearing of the brushroll, which can be easily checked by spinning the brushrolls and if there is a problem with it, then you need to either lubricate them or change the bearings all together. But, if the brushroll is not in a good condition to get lubricated, then you need to change it to avoid any sort of problem with your vacuum cleaner.

The Procedure of Changing the Vacuum Belt

It is significantly imperative to change the vacuum belt once a year if you use your vacuum cleaner on a daily or weekly basis. The vacuum belt is placed above the brushroll and for this you need to remove the bottom plate and you can easily check the belt by using your hand to see if there is any sort of crack or breakage in the vacuum belt, which means that it needs immediate repair and replacement. So, you can easily replace the vacuum belt even if you are using any model of vacuum cleaner and you need not to go to a mechanic to fix this problem as you can do it easily at your home.


Hence, it can be ascertained that like any other working machine, your vacuum cleaner needs minimum maintenance to ensure its long life and excellent working capability. The process of Vacuum Maintenance: How to Clean Your Brushroll or Change Your Belt is certainly not the cumbersome task as anyone who uses the vacuum cleaner to make his home clean, can easily do the job even in the eleventh hour. The key point is that if you need to maintain your vacuum cleaner and maximize its life and operational efficiency, then you should have the knowledge and skill of cleaning brushroll and changing the vacuum belt. This would enhance the productivity and overall working life of your vacuum cleaner in an ideal way.

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