What to Look for When Buying an Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells are the essential pieces of equipment for a home gym. Whatever be the size of your home gym, dumbbells are an excellent piece of equipment for all kinds of bodyweight exercises. You can hit possible all types of muscle groups and perform a large number of activities with the help of dumbbells and for that you need not have a gym. The fundamental fitness equipment for staying fit is the adjustable dumbbell set. By buying one for your home will be the best decision and a step forward towards being fit. These dumbbell sets reduce the amount of necessary storage as they are compact in size but solidly built. They can be easily tucked away or stored in a closet when not in use. Another advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that they eliminate the need of buying a full set of individual weights because one single set provides an extensive workout range and resistances. The price is also reasonable and affordable. You can procure one set for yourself without worrying much about your pocket.

Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Before buying an adjustable dumbbell set, you must keep in mind certain things that will help you decide the right choice for you.

  1. Easy Switching of Plates

Before procuring a new set of the adjustable dumbbell set, make sure that the set you want should let you switch weight plates quickly and without any fuss. You may not wish to waste time in changing plates in between the sets, let your heart rate slow down and get your muscles cold. These things are imperative to note as these factors will help you buy the best adjustable dumbbell set for an effective workout. You must thoroughly research to make sure that the weight plates are held in a durable method and are not going to wear or tear down in six months time.

Check the Reviews of the Dumbbell set you wish to buy

Once you are clear about the type of dumbbell set that will suit your fitness needs, you must look out for all the features and specifications. Choose the one that is durable, has a comfortable grip, the thickness of the handles is good enough and is stable. Since you know the routine of your of your exercises, you must also consider the length and size of the overall equipment. It should be user-friendly and should fit your needs entirely. Go through the customer reviews and get an idea of the apparatus you are going to buy.

Ensure the upper and lower limits

Set up a fitness routine for yourself and the exercise program you wish to follow and accordingly buy a set that covers both the lightest and heaviest weights that you need. It is imperative to learn about the strength gains you will make from the dumbbell set. Another important consideration is the weight increment. What weight increments you need, whether half pound increments or not, must be clear before buying. Contemplate your use before making a purchase like whether you will be using the dumbbells for strength gains, heavy lifting, light toning, etc. All such factors are very crucial to ponder over before making a move.

Adjustable Dumbbells Benefit

Plates should not slide

Since with adjustable dumbbells you can change weights very quickly, you must ensure that the weight plates do not slide. It should have a proper securing mechanism so that the plates don’t loose on either side, as this can be quite annoying and harmful in the worst cases. Ascertain that there is a suitable securing technique that holds the weights in place and some buffer or shock absorber in between the plates to allow little room for wiggling. Having safe and clamped equipment will help you concentrate on your workout and offer adequate training.

Easily stored

Since adjustable dumbbells are a complete gym in themselves, their biggest advantage is they do not require much storage space, unlike the traditional regular dumbbells. Make sure that the adjustable dumbbell set comes in a case that allows you to store it when not in use. This is an important factor to ponder over especially for users who do not own a home gym and live in small apartments. Most of the gym equipment require a lot of storage space, and thus many users avoid buying them, compromising on their fitness goals. But with a good set of adjustable dumbbells you can feel free to store it anywhere in the house. This way you can meet your fitness goals effectively and efficiently.


If you are looking for the very best adjustable dumbbell sets available on the market, then you must consider and think about the points mentioned above before actually buying the product. A safe and efficient set of dumbbells is like an asset and must be purchased with full consideration. A beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast both can make the best use of adjustable dumbbells, only the models they want will differ. So, be clear of your capabilities and routines and then intelligently select a suitable model. After that do a thorough research of that model and get as much information as you can, regarding that. Mull over the above points for reference and then finally buy it. An excellent dumbbell set is the one that is obtained by meticulous research and fits your fitness routine; otherwise it is just a useless piece of equipment. You are your best judge and must pay heed to minute details when buying multipurpose equipment like the adjustable dumbbells.

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