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Best Tips for Feeding Squirrels in Your Backyard

It can’t be denied that squirrels are really a pleasant welcome to our backyard as watching them is a great delight even if a person is not a great animal lover. Actually, having the squirrels in your backyard is a great way to get an insight into nature’s little creature with all its innocence. So, if you really have noticed these perky squirrels visiting your backyard and desire to make them regular visitors at your backyard, then you must know about basic things regarding the feeding of squirrels. As squirrels love to gorge on any food that you offer them, but still you need to be considerate about the type of food you are offering them to invite them to your backyard.

Best Tips for Feeding Squirrels in Your Backyard

There are certain times when you enjoy the simplicities of nature and watching squirrels in your backyard is really an amazing delight and once you have seen them playing and feeding in your backyard, then you are sure to invite them again and again. This can be done by feeding them regularly, but there are given the Best Tips for Feeding Squirrels, which help you to understand what you need to do while feeding them and what should be completely avoided. So, let’s take a look at these well described tips.

Feeding Squirrels in Your Backyard

1. The Natural Foods are Great for the Health of Squirrels

Yes, you have heard it right that even squirrels need healthy food to maintain their energy and hazelnuts are considered good for squirrels.  So, you can offer them, peanuts and sunflower seeds and many people have the habit of feeding the peanuts and sunflower seeds in excess as they are easily available and are quite inexpensive. But, as excess of everything is bad, so these foods also fall under the category of unhealthy food as these food items do not contain an essential mineral ratio, which is not a healthy option for squirrels. You can serve them roasted peanuts and avoid offering raw peanuts, which contain a mold that is particularly toxic for squirrels. So, make sure to offer only the nutritious food to your little friends and that too in limited quantity.

2. Water is Essential

Just like humans, squirrels too love to drink water and need it in plenty as clean water is required by them during the phase of pregnancy and lactation and especially during winters. So, there is a need to have a clean and well maintained bird feeder containing water at your backyard, as it can be a source of life to birds as well.

3. Avoid Offering Junk Food to Squirrels for avoiding MBD

It’s a fascinating fact that just like us humans, the squirrels, love to gorge on the fast foods, which play havoc on their health. The fast food is deficient in essential nutrition, which is required by squirrels, to keep good health, so you must think before feeding any sort of fast food to them. In fact, due to deficiency in the diet, the squirrels develop a medical condition called “MBD” or metabolic bone disease, which makes the bones of squirrels extremely weak. So, next time you feed the lovely little creatures, make sure to fill the bird feeder with nutritious food.

4. The Healthy Diet for Squirrels

It’s significant to understand that the healthy diet for these amazing creatures is the mixture of nuts, seeds, leaves, corns, fruits, fungi, bark and adequate water. The squirrels need the healthy and nutritious diet, which makes them healthy and in this category, there is a need to mention about the squirrel cookies or popularly known as nut balls. The essential ingredient required for making squirrel cookies is rodent chow, which is easily available in the pet stores and as these cookies can be easily prepared by anyone at home, so why not opt for these wonderful and nutritious cookies to feed your little friends.

5. Keeping the Birdfeeder in Your Boundary without Disturbing Your Neighbours

It might be the true that your neighbours do not share your passion for feeding these lovely creatures, so to avoid confrontation; you can keep your bird feeder within your boundary. You can also read more about squirrel proof bird feeders and buy from Amazon to protect you birds from squirrels.  You can maintain your backyard landscape in such a way that is suitable for birds and squirrels and give them ample space to feed and drink water and you can relax and enjoy these wonderful gifts that nature offers you in the form of watching these simple delights.

Thus, the Best Tips for Feeding Squirrels in Your Backyard enables you to offer your best to your little friends and make them a regular visitor in your backyard. So, make a clean place for your friends in your backyard and invite them with nutritious food to add beauty of nature into your life with the amazing energy and liveliness of squirrels.

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